In order to set up your Teacher Page, you must first be a Thrillshare user. You should receive an email invite to set up your account from a Thrillshare administrator in your district. The email you receive will look like this.

If you don’t see your invite, try checking your email's spam folder to see if it ended up there. If it's not showing there either, reach out to your Thrillshare administrator and ask them to send you an invitation.

After opening the email, click the “Accept Invitation” link. This will take you to a page where you will create your account password.

Once you have set your password, you are ready to create your profile inside Thrillshare and get started. 

The following articles can help you get started with using Teacher Pages:

  • Set your Profile image
  • Manage Teacher Bio
  • Create Classes
  • Create an Announcement
  • Create an Assignment
  • Manage your Documents
  • Collaborators Explained
  • Manage Collaborators
  • Shared Classes